Sunday, November 20, 2011


Life as a student now is very hard and challenging..It is because many competition..Many excellent students outsider..So, I as a student must beat it..They can be an excellent students why I can't??It is very important for me to get a good job after I graduate..Now, it is so hard to get a good job..
To improve myself to be an excellent student..I must work hard, do all my tutorial question, always ready before enter the class and so many ways to do..After that, I must arrange my time management..Time management is very important for me to make my study more better..Besides that, think a strategy and focus on subject that i'm not performed well..Ask a question to the lecturer when I not understand about something that I have learn..Always think positive..make my friends who get a good result as a role model and challenge their result in another semester..Don't give up easily..
Based on the evidence above, there are the way I perceive myself as a student..


When I grow up..I enter university to further my study..In semester 1 and 2 I learn English for my MUET test..code of my subject are ENLF013 and ENLF023..I enjoy my English class eventhough I must wake up early in the morning..
In semester 1, I learn speaking and listening..It is preparation for MUET test in semester 2..My lecturer give me an assessment which is call speaking corner..I must choose any topic and memorized the text to present in front of my class..All student must do the same task but different topic..I learn how to speak spontaniously and it make me more confident to speak in front of people..It is the best way for me ready for MUET test..Besides that, I also learn listening..My lecturer give some exercise such as song lyrics, text and so on..All that things is not completed..Then, I must listen to the recording to completed the text that she give..This is also for MUET preparation..
In semester 2, I learn writing..In MUET also have writing test which is we must write an essay..I learn how to identify topic sentence and controlling idea..Next, I learn how to write an essay with the correct ways..We must relate our sentences with the topic sentences..It really guide me how to write a good essay..My lecturer give me exercise such as movie review and writing..I also learn about conjuction, transition signal and so on..
I already pass my MUET test..hopefully I get a good result..perhaps...


Now..I want to tell you all what that i had learn in secondary school..Seem that i have to learn English whole of my life..during I form 1 until form 3..I learn English for my PMR test..It still interesting..but more difficult than in primary school..I continues what I had learn in primary school..
During form 1..I learn the basics of the writing process including constructing statements and writing essays. They also study grammar rules and vocabulary. In terms of literature, look at author, theme, and plot. 
After that, when I in form 2..I learn consruct formal and informal forms of written..I learn step of the writing process..I continue to learn about grammar and expand their vocabulary..
Then, during I form 3 I expected to successfully complete paper of PMR during this year..
Also same when I form 4 and form 5..but on upper form I learn English for my SPM test..It is interesting and enjoyable..I get more information and knowledge..I also improve my English..


Long time ago..during my primary school..I enjoy learning English..I learn English since standard 1 until standard 6..It is very interesting..Aim of my learning is to equip me with basic skills and knowledge of the English language so as to enable me to communicate, both orally in writing, in and out school..I also learn English for my UPSR test..Eventhough English not my mother language but i need to learn because English is important in life..English is a international language that being use in the world..
I also learn how to pronounce words correctly and to speak fluently with the correct intonation so that from these early stages, I learn to speak internationally English.During this time, I have speaking test that call oral or PLBS..This test make me learn how to speak..When I performed well in my oral I get higher marks and viceversa..I also learn english by hearing english song, watching televison and also read newspaper..On that time, my teacher teach me how to write short sentence until I can write an essay..It is very fun learning English..I like it very much..
Lastly, from my learning I able to listen and understand simple spoken English. Moreover, ask and answer question, speak and express clearly to others using simple language, enjoy reading texts and write an express idea in simple language..