Sunday, November 20, 2011


Life as a student now is very hard and challenging..It is because many competition..Many excellent students outsider..So, I as a student must beat it..They can be an excellent students why I can't??It is very important for me to get a good job after I graduate..Now, it is so hard to get a good job..
To improve myself to be an excellent student..I must work hard, do all my tutorial question, always ready before enter the class and so many ways to do..After that, I must arrange my time management..Time management is very important for me to make my study more better..Besides that, think a strategy and focus on subject that i'm not performed well..Ask a question to the lecturer when I not understand about something that I have learn..Always think positive..make my friends who get a good result as a role model and challenge their result in another semester..Don't give up easily..
Based on the evidence above, there are the way I perceive myself as a student..

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