Sunday, November 20, 2011


Now..I want to tell you all what that i had learn in secondary school..Seem that i have to learn English whole of my life..during I form 1 until form 3..I learn English for my PMR test..It still interesting..but more difficult than in primary school..I continues what I had learn in primary school..
During form 1..I learn the basics of the writing process including constructing statements and writing essays. They also study grammar rules and vocabulary. In terms of literature, look at author, theme, and plot. 
After that, when I in form 2..I learn consruct formal and informal forms of written..I learn step of the writing process..I continue to learn about grammar and expand their vocabulary..
Then, during I form 3 I expected to successfully complete paper of PMR during this year..
Also same when I form 4 and form 5..but on upper form I learn English for my SPM test..It is interesting and enjoyable..I get more information and knowledge..I also improve my English..

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