Sunday, November 20, 2011


When I grow up..I enter university to further my study..In semester 1 and 2 I learn English for my MUET test..code of my subject are ENLF013 and ENLF023..I enjoy my English class eventhough I must wake up early in the morning..
In semester 1, I learn speaking and listening..It is preparation for MUET test in semester 2..My lecturer give me an assessment which is call speaking corner..I must choose any topic and memorized the text to present in front of my class..All student must do the same task but different topic..I learn how to speak spontaniously and it make me more confident to speak in front of people..It is the best way for me ready for MUET test..Besides that, I also learn listening..My lecturer give some exercise such as song lyrics, text and so on..All that things is not completed..Then, I must listen to the recording to completed the text that she give..This is also for MUET preparation..
In semester 2, I learn writing..In MUET also have writing test which is we must write an essay..I learn how to identify topic sentence and controlling idea..Next, I learn how to write an essay with the correct ways..We must relate our sentences with the topic sentences..It really guide me how to write a good essay..My lecturer give me exercise such as movie review and writing..I also learn about conjuction, transition signal and so on..
I already pass my MUET test..hopefully I get a good result..perhaps...

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