Sunday, November 20, 2011


Long time ago..during my primary school..I enjoy learning English..I learn English since standard 1 until standard 6..It is very interesting..Aim of my learning is to equip me with basic skills and knowledge of the English language so as to enable me to communicate, both orally in writing, in and out school..I also learn English for my UPSR test..Eventhough English not my mother language but i need to learn because English is important in life..English is a international language that being use in the world..
I also learn how to pronounce words correctly and to speak fluently with the correct intonation so that from these early stages, I learn to speak internationally English.During this time, I have speaking test that call oral or PLBS..This test make me learn how to speak..When I performed well in my oral I get higher marks and viceversa..I also learn english by hearing english song, watching televison and also read newspaper..On that time, my teacher teach me how to write short sentence until I can write an essay..It is very fun learning English..I like it very much..
Lastly, from my learning I able to listen and understand simple spoken English. Moreover, ask and answer question, speak and express clearly to others using simple language, enjoy reading texts and write an express idea in simple language..

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